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Click n’ Call for DREAM Act

By March 28, 2006No Comments

(June 10, 2003)
June is the month of graduation for many high school students, but for tens of thousands of undocumented students across the nation, it signals the end of their formal education and their hopes for brighter futures. The National Click n’ Call Day on June 10 aimed to gather momentum behind the DREAM Act, which will grant affordable in-state tuition and legal status to qualifying students, and sought to push for its speedy introduction in the Senate. Although the DREAM Act await introduction, its House counterpart, the Student Adjustment Act

Although the DREAM Act and its House counterpart, the Student Adjustment act, have realistic chance of becoming law this year partly due to bipartisan backers in the Congress, the bills still lack open support from Congressional leadership and the President.

Supporters of immigrant students across the nation were urged to log onto or to send a pre-written and modifiable e-mail message to their Senators (determined through zip code entry) in support of the DREAM Act. People were also asked to call the President’s comment line (1-877-431-0006) to leave a message supporting the DREAM Act.

NAKASEC’s participation in the Click n’ Call day is part of our broader, ongoing campaign around legalization. Please contact NAKASEC for more information on our upcoming campaigns on the DREAM Act.

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