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2003 National DREAM Act Campaign

By March 28, 2006No Comments

On April 12th, immigrant rights advocacy groups across the country will be kicking off a week of legislative visits with a mass balloon release at noon with press conference to follow. The April 12th action is part of a nationwide campaign to promote the passage of the DREAM Act, a federal legislation supporting higher education access for undocumented immigrant students and regularization of their immigration status. Different events will be occurring nationwide, with youth groups of NAKASEC affiliates in New York (YKASEC), Chicago (KRCC) and Los Angeles (KRC) to participate in the April 12th action. The Young Koreans United of Philadelphia and Seattle are expected to participate as well. With over 18% of the Korean community undocumented in the U.S., the DREAM Act has the potential to change the lives of many of our young people, who find that opportunities are denied to them in many states including affordable access to higher education, the right to work, to drive or take a plane. It is important for students and youths to be involved, and to advocate for issues that will affect them and their friends. It is time to get to work and to show the power of Democratic change through the legislative process and through the combined efforts of groups nationwide.

For more information on the April 12th action in your area, or on how you can help this bill to pass, contact your local NAKASEC affiliates or email Soo Sun at

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