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NAKASEC Publications – 2003 Hate Crimes Booklet

By March 28, 2006No Comments

(July 2003)
The “NAKASEC Community Fact Sheet on Anti-Asian Hate Crimes” was published in July, and is currently being distributed. This publication aims to augment the knowledge and understanding about the impact of hate crimes within the Korean American community, with the goal of cultivating community self-awareness through knowledge. The booklet will cover the basics of Anti-Asian hate crimes from its definition and statistics, to an examination of notable cases from early 80s to the present. A significant portion will be devoted to federal legislation currently in use to prosecute hate crimes and the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act (LLEEA) introduced in the Senate on May 1.The LLEEA has the potential to become a significant tool for prosecuting and preventing hate crimes on a national level if it is passed in the Congress. The 6-page booklet will be published separately in both Korean and English. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of this booklet is encouraged to contact NAKASEC.

The NAKASEC Newsletter is also due out in July. In addition to detailing our recent activities, the newsletter covers current social, legislative and cultural issues that affect the Korean American and the wider immigrant communities. The booklet will be published separately in both Korean and English.

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