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2002 Youth in Action Campaign: Realizing Our Dreams

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The goal of this campaign is to inform both the community and the Congress about the importance of the DREAM Act in the Senate (S. 1291), and the Student Adjustment Act in the House (H.R. 1918), and to urge the Congress to recognize the imperative need for the passage of these Acts.The NAKASEC affiliate, YKASEC amassed over 30 organizational endorsements for this campaign, in addition to five personal testimonies from young Korean American adults reemphasizing the importance of these legislations, which were sent out to the various members of the Congress.

On October 15, 2002, YKASEC visited the office of the Congressman Gary Ackerman to urge his support for the Student Adjustment Act. Countless deferred and extinguished hopes for the future were stressed during this meeting. Congressman Ackerman has since sponsored the Student Adjustment Act, and YKASEC hopes to garner additional supports from the House members and the Senators. Future campaign plans include community survey to gauge public opinion regarding these legislations.

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