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APA Political Platform

By March 28, 2006No Comments

On March 12th, NAKASEC with 17 other APA organizations held a press conference to announce the NCAPA Political Platform, which outlined the Asian Pacific American agenda for this presidential election year. The platform addressed a variety of issues including health care, housing, labor, education, civil rights enforcement, women and families, economic development, the USA Patriot Act, and immigration.NAKASEC Executive Director Eunsook Lee spoke on immigration, English Plus, and language access issues, which were highlighted in Section 4 of the platform. NCAPA members will be urging the political parties and presidential candidates to integrate recommendations contained in the platform into their own party platforms.

Following the unveiling of the APA platform, representatives from NAKASEC, OCA, and APALA met with presidential candidate Senator John Edwards on March 25th.The meeting gave an opportunity for NCAPA members to speak to Senator Edwards on the rising importance of Asian Pacific Americans as an electorate and also to share some of their key concerns, including immigration, labor rights, poverty and representation of Asian Pacific Americans on all levels of government.

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