We invite you to join the “We Are America” Picture Postcard Campaign. If you would like to participate, please complete the endorsement form and send it to one of the following organizations:

PDF Organization Endorsement & Order Form

NAKASEC Action Fund
[fax] 323.937.3753
[email] nakasec@nakasec.org

National Council for Asian Pacific Americans
[fax] 202.223.4144
[email] nira@nationalcapacd.org

National Council of La Raza
[fax] 202.776.1794
[email] policy@nclr.org

You can join and help promote the “We Are America” Picture Postcard Campaign by:

Committing to send picture postcards to members of Congress.

Circulating the action alert to your networks and encourage community members to participate.  Click here to download community outreach flyers.

Ordering pre-printed postcards or printing your own.  To order, please complete the order form.  To print your own, please contact NAKASEC at (323) 937-3703 to request the electronic copies of the picture postcards.

Adding a link on your organization’s website to the Picture Postcard Campaign site.

Share stories and highlights of your outreach efforts, which can be featured in the campaign’s email updates.  Please send your highlights to campaign@nakasecactionfund.org.

Join the Postcard Campaign

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