postcard_sample_frontImmigration is the story of our country. Throughout history, immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life. Yet today’s outdated immigration laws are tearing countless families apart and forcing millions of hardworking immigrants to live in the shadows. Moreover, the current immigration debate is criminalizing immigrants and dividing America.

The historic mass mobilizations across the country have made an impact. Now with the House and the Senate poised to move into a critical phase of negotiating an immigration bill that will affect the lives of all Americans, we must increase our grassroots lobbying. We must speak out, shape the debate and unite Americans behind a common vision that immigration reform is good for America. In fact, immigration reform is key to our nation’s prosperity, security and diversity.

About the Campaign

The “We Are America” Picture Postcard Campaign is a compelling way for tens of thousands of individuals – immigrants and descendants of immigrants – to send a clear, strong message in support of just and human immigration reform.

The front of the postcard will have the following message: “Immigrants are America’s Families, Workers and Neighbors,” along with an immigrant photograph.

The back of the postcard will have the following common message: “I am deeply concerned that the current immigration debate criminalizes immigrants and divides America. We urge you to unite Americans behind a common vision of America because immigration reform is a key to our nation’s economic prosperity and security. We should welcome immigrants hard work, talents, cultural richness and family values.”

postcard_sample_back-3The back of the postcard will also have one of the following taglines:

1) Keep Families Together, Pathway to Citizenship For All, Basic Rights for All
2) Just and Humane Immigration Reform Now
3) Keep Families Together, Pathway to Citizenship For All, Deportations Are Not the Answer

You can participate in one of the following ways:

Go online to  You can either upload your own photo or choose one of the pictures in the photo gallery.  Then write your personalized message to your members of Congress.  Your picture postcard will automatically be sent to your Senators and Representative. (Printing & mailing of each picture postcard costs $1.19).

You can order pre-printed copies of the picture postcard. For more information, download the order form and contact NAKASEC at (323) 937-3703 or NCLR at (202) 785-1670.

Note: The photos and other personal information you submit may be made public. Individuals who have concerns about sharing their photo and other information should consider this before participating in the picture postcard campaign.

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“We Are America” Picture Postcard Campaign (2006)

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