Immigrant Communities Unveil Nationally-Supported Ad Calling for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Los Angeles, CA Immigrant community leaders gathered to unveil an ad calling on the President and Congress to fix our nation’s broken immigration system by passing comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

In a span of nine weeks, The “Dollar-A-Person” National Immigration Reform AD Campaign raised over $73,000 from 14,000 individuals and 261 groups to place prominent ads in The Washington Post and The New York Times. In today’s Washington Post, the quarter-page ad appears on the Federal Page and in the coming days, the full-page ad will follow in The New York Times.

“The ad is the first of its kind placed in major newspapers to demonstrate broad community support for comprehensive immigration reform,” said Courtni Pugh, president of the NAKASEC Action Fund, the organization that anchored the campaign. Ms. Pugh continued, “Across the country, immigrant rights, labor, faith-based, and business organization along with concerned constituents have rallied together to make our voices heard in Washington D.C.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee held its second hearing on immigration reform on Tuesday, October 18th. “As Congress seriously considers reform proposals, this is an opportune moment for communities to weigh in on the immigration debate,” said Eun Sook Lee, executive director of the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium. “Any reform legislation must address the human aspects of immigration and cannot narrowly and unrealistically focus on enforcement only,” said Ms. Lee.

“The stories of the five individuals featured in the ad highlight how the outdated immigration laws tears families apart, forces workers to live in the shadows, and destroys many hopes of achieving the American Dream,” said Chaegu Lee, executive director of Korean Resource and Cultural Center. Mr. Lee continued, “Each face on the ad represents countless others who are our friends, our co-worker and our neighbors hurt by the unworkable immigration system.”

“The bipartisan bill introduced by Senators McCain and Kennedy bill presents a workable and fair solution that allows immigrants to get in line for citizenship and reunites families in the U.S.,” stated DaeJoong Yoon, executive director of Korean Resource Center. “If the nation’s economic prosperity and security are high priorities, the President and Congress must start by supporting and further strengthening the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act,” continued Mr. Yoon.

“We will deliver copies of the ad to key administrators in the White House and each member of Congress to ensure that the message is loud and clear,” stated Yu Soung Mun, executive director of YKASEC – Empowering the Korean American Community. Mr. Mun continued, “In the coming months, our organizations will build on the new base of community support engendered through the campaign to push for what’s right for country’s economy and all American families.”


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